Pitstop Fuels


125 Ossipee Trl W
Standish, Maine 04084
United States

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Nick Cheney
Biddeford! ME
BEWARE! Bad place to do business

STAY AWAY! I was using Pitstop fuels for almost 8 years. The past year and half have not been all that great. Customer service went down the toilet so I started ordering online to avoid dealing with the rude people answering the phone. Then my last and final delivery I got a phone call to verify the current information on my account. which I indeed verified. When they delivered the oil, they put the oil in the wrong spout cause the driver cant tell his right from his left of a building and dump 100 gallons of oil into my basement floor. I called to inform them and I spent 3 days scrubbing my basement floor with Dawn soap and speedy dry. Called to get them to rectify the situation and Linda, the office manager told me that the owner of the company said to claim it on my home owners??!?!. After back and forth for 2 weeks on the phone, they finally agreed they indeed put the oil in the wrong spout I kept saying that they put it into, But I told me that i told them to put it there which was the wrong one that was obsolete and not hooked up. I argue that why would I tell them to fill a spout not hooked up on the opposite side of my building...I know my left from right. They claim they just did what they was told and Linda told me the owner feels that I was the one made the mistake and basically told me its my fault! 8 years of service and the owner is going to cut off his nose despite his face over 100g of oil. I guess 8 years of lining his pockets wasn't good enough to make things right. NEVER again and you've been warn.

January 2018

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